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EMKE Seismic Isolation & Earthquake Isolation Systems Industry and Trading Ltd. decided promulgating earthquake mitigation systems in Turkey such as seismic isolation systems, vibration control after EMKE’s general manager Mehmet Emre Ozcanli’s visit to Tokyo in 2000. EMKE is distributor of Dynamic Isolation Systems Inc. – DIS (USA), Robinson Seismic Ltd. – RSL (NZ), Taylor Devices Inc. – Kawakin Core Technologies – KCT (Japan) TD (USA) and Teknolojik Izolator Sistemleri A.S – TIS (Turkey). EMKE has been supplying and installing Lead rubber bearings, natural rubber bearings, sliders, viscous dampers, pot bearings, spherical bearings, double friction pendulum bearings, etc. as EMKE vision is that they do want to install the anti-seismic devices properly in order to prevent having seirous problems at site. To many structural engineers, the conventional approach to protect buildings from the destructive forces of earthquakes is to increase the strength of the buildings so that they do not collapse during such events. This approach is not entirely effective in terms of protection related to the contents and occupants as a result of the application of the forces transmitted in to the building. Since the motion of earthquakes is vibrational in nature, the principle of vibration isolation can be utilized to protect a building. This can be achieved via decoupling the structure from the horizontal components of the earthquake ground motion by mounting rubber bearings and friction pendulum bearings between the structure and its foundation. Such a system not only provides protection to the building but to its contents and occupants as well.

Seısmıc ısOLAtıON

Japanese technology in Turkey! No fear of earthquakes! Loss of life and property in the earthquake in Turkey with the use of seismic isolators are reducing to “0”.  


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