Earthquake Isolation Saves Lives

City Hospital is also safe in an earthquake! While many buildings were damaged in the 6.8 earthquake in Elazig, the soundness of the City Hospital in the city attracted attention. So much so that the earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 felt like hospital 3.1 … The systems that provide this are also available in Manisa City Hospital. Burhan AKDEMİR-ÖZEL Manisa City Hospital, which was completed and opened in October 2018 in Manisa, came to the agenda once again after the earthquakes in the city. Earthquake isolators, which are one of the reasons for the hospital to enter service later than the specified period, felt its importance more in the earthquakes experienced. It is anticipated that the earthquake isolators experienced in Elazig will be able to feel 3.1 intensity at the Elazig Fethi Sekin City Hospital, minimizing the shaking in a possible earthquake in Manisa City Hospital. Ömer Kurtay, Manisa City Hospital Operation Director of YDA, which is the company that makes Manisa City Hospital, gave important information about the isolators and their functions in the hospital. Reminding that Turkey’s earthquake zone earthquake prevention Kurtay it is impossible, but conscious and effective methods of preventing the damage caused by the earthquake is possible, he said. Expressing that it is decided to use earthquake insulators in 1st and 2nd degree earthquake zones in accordance with the Regulations of the Ministry of Health, Kurtay said, “As a result of the geological survey and seismic analysis carried out in the field, insulators were designed for 733 columns forming the carrier system and vertical carriers of the building. Computer simulation of the design was made. For the design, consultancy service was received from the consultancy firm consisting of the teachers of Middle East Technical University (METU) and official approval was received from METU for the design. Lead-core rubber insulator, which is observed to work in earthquakes experienced in the world, was chosen as the type of insulator, which has a longer life and less maintenance. Robinson company, which is the best in its field, was selected for the production of earthquake isolators and approval was received from the expert engineers of the company for the design. One-to-one prototype was produced at the factory in Malaysia, tested in the Eurocentre laboratory in Italy, and then started production. ” said. Ocak Friday, January 31, 2020 10:45

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